Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

We had such a fun Sunday afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch!  Little Lila loved everything about our trip to Nichols-Boyd, including the hayride around the farm, the assortment of animals to see (some of which she could pet!), the pumpkin picking, and all of the photo prop opportunities (she loved sticking her head in the props...she thought it was hilarious!). :) I can't believe just a year ago she went to the Pumpkin Patch for the very first time and barely left her car seat carrier.  This year was definitely different.  She was into everything and all about the fun activities!  We had a wonderful time and made lots of memories.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lila's 12 Month Pediatrician Appointment

We made it through the MANY well baby check-ups of the first year!  Lila did pretty well at her one year pediatrician's appointment.  She, of course, didn't like the shots or examination part of the visit and was a little fussy in general due to teething.  However, she got a great report.  This little girl is growing, growing, growing!  Lila weighed 21 lbs, 11 oz, measured 30.5 inches long, and had a head circumference of 47.5 cm.  She was in the 50th percentile for weight, 90th percentile for height, and 90th percentile for head circumference.  In the words of Dr. Penny, "long and lean!"  She is right on track with her development (crawling, standing, speaking in one word phrases, and interacting with other children during play time).  Dr. Penny said that she should start walking without support sometime between now (her first birthday) and 15 months.  She said that her eyes, nose, and heartbeat all looked/sounded good.  She was also amazed looking over her chart from this first year that Lila has never had an ear infection.  Knock on wood.  Lila received her first dose of three vaccines (Varicella, MMR, and Influenza) at this appointment.  Dr. Penny said that we can continue to keep Lila on her two naps/day schedule until around eighteen months or until she outgrows it.  She advised us to go ahead and wean Lila off her four bottles of formula and make the switch to three sippy cups of whole milk a day.  In addition, she can drink water and one cup of infant or diluted juice a day.  She suggested that we also start to slowly introduce more table food and do away with the pureed baby foods.  LK is supposed to start taking liquid Poly Vi Sol multivitamin drops once a day now that she is off formula.  She also said that Lila needs to go for her first dental appointment between now and three years of age, but seeing as her Daddy thinks that sooner is better, we will probably be heading to the UMMC Pediatric Dental Clinic soon. :)  Overall, this visit went well and was very informative.  We go back for our next appointment at 15 months.

We both love it when Daddy can take an hour or two off from work to come with us to these appointments. :)

My sweet, happy girl (pre-shots ;)).

Monday, September 2, 2013

Watch Me Grow: Eleven {11} Months Old

We're one month away from a year...I cannot believe I have an eleven month old!!  Lila has captured our hearts, and we couldn't imagine our lives without this spunky, smart, quick, and adorable little sweetheart. :)  She brightens our days and keeps a smile on our faces.  Her little laugh is quite contagious, and we find ourselves doing all sorts of ridiculous things to get her giggling.

Lila is getting closer and closer to walking on her own every single day!  She has become quite an expert at using her walker to get around the living and dining room.  She can also stand on her own for a minute or so, but usually realizes what she is doing, panics, and drops back to the ground. ;)  With a little more confidence, she'll be up and walking all over the house in no time.  Lila has mastered the signs for "more," "eat," and "all done."  We are working on "milk" and "drink."  Lila has also begun saying "Dada" on her own, which sure makes her Daddy happy. :)  She loves to communicate with us and can get quite frustrated when she is unable to convey what she wants or we don't understand what she is trying to say.  This month, Lila became a pro at opening and closing all of the cabinets in the house, so Andrew had to finish the babyproofing we began a couple of months ago by adding latches to the drawers and cabinets.  Can you say mischievous?

Lila is still sleeping a solid twelve hours at night, going down like a champ and not waking up until seven or eight in the morning.  I have to admit that we have really been blessed by her sleeping habits.  She still takes two naps, although one of them is usually fairly short (30 minutes to an hour) and the other is rather longer (about two hours).   
Lila started back at Mother's Morning Out a couple of weeks ago and is doing great!  It took her a week or two to get used to her new teacher and classroom, but now she loves it!  Mrs. Dianne is super sweet, very patient, and loves our little Lila.  We couldn't be happier.  I also think LK is enjoying being in the "ones" room where there are more toys and interaction with older babies/toddlers.  Even though she's not quite one yet, the director went ahead and moved her up, because she thought she would enjoy the more interactive setting.  Lila is wearing twelve or 12-18 month clothing now.  These sizes seem to best suit her tall height as well as her slim build.  Lila is still wearing Huggies "Little Movers" Size 3 diapers during the day and Huggies "OverNites" Size 3 diapers at nighttime.  This brand is working well, so I'm not messing with it. ;)

  LK is still drinking four bottles a day, each containing six ounces of formula.  She is starting to outgrow the mid-morning and the nighttime ones though.  She only partially finishes the mid-morning bottle and oftentimes will leave the nighttime one completely untouched.  Baby girl is growing up!  She still doesn't really like water or juice, or for that matter her sippy cup. ;)  She continues to eat three baby food meals a day (a fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and a fruit and cereal/oatmeal for dinner).  She is beginning to reach for table food off our plates when it catches her eye at restaurants or at home.  Some new things she has tried this month and liked are spaghetti, pizza, Mexican rice, ground beef, tortillas, grapes (cut in half), bananas, cheese, and yogurt.
Lila LOVES playing, especially if she has a baby friend, teacher, Mommy, or Daddy to interact with as well.  We have had a couple of play dates with some of her little friends over the past month or so, and she has loved them.  Even though she's not quite at the age where she can truly play "with" a little friend, they still have fun playing side by side, watching each other closely, and just getting out of the normal day to day routine.  We got LK an activity table this month, and she loves it!  She can play with all sorts of musical toys on the top of the table while supporting herself standing.  Just up her alley!  This girly also loves to go to the park, children's museum, the zoo, or just about anywhere else that has lots of activity and other kiddos to watch and interact with. 

We love you, Little Bit!  Hugs from Momma and Daddy!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Watch Me Grow: Ten {10} Months Old

Lila is ten months old!!  Can you believe it?!  This little cutie is busy, busy, busy and keeps us all on the move.  She is super curious and likes to get into anything and everything. :)  She has some mad crawling skills and can get from Point A to Point B in no time flat!  She loves to give us "love" in the form of hugs and snuggles, and she is one of the sweetest, happiest little babies I've ever met.  Of course, I'm partially biased.  We love her to pieces.
Lila loves to practice walking by "cruising" or walking holding onto the furniture, your hands, or her walker.  She loves to stand so much that we had to take the bumper out of her crib, so she wouldn't try to escape over the side by using it as a stepladder. ;)  This little love is still a master of imitation, which has worked in our favor in attempting to teach her how to sign.  She is beginning to catch on to the words "more" and "eat" and use them at appropriate times.

This baby sleeps like a pro at night going a full twelve hours in her crib, sometimes even thirteen!  She can soothe herself to sleep and prefers not to be rocked or anything like that.  We just tuck her in (still fully awake) under her blanket, give her a paci and her lovie, and let her fall asleep on her own.  I caved and went ahead and bought her an infant pillow from Ikea.  I just couldn't stand seeing her mash her blankets together into some sort of makeshift pillow every night.  It was too pitiful.  The infant pillow is relatively flat, so I didn't worry as much about giving it to her a little early.  She loves it and really can't sleep well without it now.  She still takes two naps of about 1-1 1/2 hours each day.  Sometimes, she'll take a longer afternoon nap if she's really tired from nursery school.

Mother's Morning Out just wrapped up for the summer, and Lila won't go back until mid-August when the fall session starts.  She (and I) loved her teachers this summer and hope that this fall goes just as smoothly.  It will be nice to have some low-key mornings for a couple of weeks before everything starts back again. :)  Lila is still wearing some 9-12 month outfits, but mainly twelve month clothing now.  Her 6-12 and nine month pants and pajamas (especially with the footies) were getting to be way too snug lengthwise, so I went ahead and packed up all of her 6-12 and nine month clothes. 

Lila continues to wear Huggies "Little Movers" Size 3 diapers during the day and Huggies "OverNites" Size 3 diapers at nighttime.  She also still drinks four bottles a day, each containing six ounces of formula.  She does a pretty good job of finishing her bottles, although I can tell she is starting to outgrow her mid-morning one.  I'm lucky if I can get her to drink half of it.  She still isn't a fan of juice and only tolerates a little water at a time (and only if it isn't too cold).  We haven't mastered the sippy cup; she's simply not interested.  She gets three baby food meals a day (a fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and a fruit and cereal/oatmeal for dinner).  She's not very picky, although she hates the Stage 3 baby food.  I think it is a texture thing, as the Stage 1 and Stage 2 baby foods are pureed and not near as chunky.  She is beginning to eat some real table food as well.  She enjoys rice, guacamole, any and all bread, mashed potatoes, peas (other than English peas), beans, and really anything that's cut up into tiny bites, other than meat which we still haven't tried.

Lila enjoys playing with her toys, although she also loves to be exploring and standing as well.  My parents bought her a walker this month that she absolutely loves!  It makes lots of fun sounds and plays music, but also moves when she holds on and pushes it.  She enjoys going around the house with it, although she needs a lot of assistance since she has no idea how to turn and constantly runs into things.  She also has trouble moving her feet as fast as the walker rolls forward, and it often will get away from her. :)  One of her current favorite toys is Sophie the Giraffe.  I think this has a lot to do with the fact that she is teething, and Sophie is wonderful to play with and chew on as well!  We can't wait until these FOUR teeth (yes, she's getting her top, front teeth all at the same time!) come on through and leave her poor mouth alone. 

Momma and Daddy love you more than you know, sweet girl!!! XOXO!